Phyllostachys Bambusoides Tanakae

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tanakae 1Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Tanakae

Type: Running

Average Height: 35 Feet

Average diameter: 3Inches

Zone: 7-8 (Hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Sun or Partial Shade

Best Use: Rare, Collectors Bamboo, Ornamental, Decorative, Wood Craft,


Tanakae has many of the same characteristics of other bambusoides which makes it great for woodworking, and wood crafts.  Beyond woodworking, this is a decorative bamboo marked by its green canes with purple spots.  Although lovely to look at, the spots are actually caused by bacteria-which is not harmful to the bamboo, but does take some of the illusion of beauty away from it.  The spots don’t appear until the bamboo has hit maturity and since  this bamboo is not a particularly fast growing variety, this can take some time.


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3 Gallon (4'+)