outdoor bamboo plants

Looking for Outdoor Bamboo Plants?

Essentially all “real” bamboo plants are outdoor plants. There are a handful which can be grown inside, but in reality most prefer to be outdoors. Some people get lucky bamboo mixed up with “real” bamboo and it’s an honest mistake. Lucky bamboo is a succulent that should only be grown indoors whereas real bamboo is a grass that is easily grown outside.


If you browse the site you will find that there are thousands of species of bamboo which can be grown outside ranging from one foot to over one hundred feet. Bamboo is grown for a variety of purposes from timber, to privacy screen, to ground cover, so you should be able to find some that works for you! Although this is a relatively short post, it’s all I really feel I need to say about outdoor bamboo plants-after all that is their default.  There’s a lot to learn about picking out, planting and growing bamboo plants, so I would recommend browsing the main pages, especially our how to plant bamboo page.  I’m sure that you will be able to find the plant that works best for you! bamboo-308353_640